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| Dallas, Wisconsin

Name withheld by police, from Dallas, Wisconsin, on 6 August 2021

Victim Info

  • Name withheld by police
  • Unknown
  • Unknown


Around 12:14 a.m., a deputy stopped a speeding vehicle. When the deputy approached the vehicle, he suspected the driver was under the influence of alcohol. The officer asked the driver to exit the car to conduct a sobriety test, and the driver complied. The driver said he needed to grab something from his own car. The deputy told the driver he was prohibited, but the driver eventually drove off. The deputy pursued for about seven miles until the deputy lost sight of the vehicle and reportedly ended the pursuit. Police found that the vehicle had struck a tree in a field driveway. The passenger was killed, and the driver was transported to Barron Hospital with minor injuries. The driver was arrested for suspicion of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, his sixth offense. He was also arrested for homicide causing death by intoxicated use of motor vehicle and fleeing an officer.

Additional Evidence

  • Name withheld by police
  • Race unspecified
  • NA
  • NA
  • 18th Street and 6th Ave
  • Dallas
  • WI
  • 54733
  • Barron
  • 18th Street and 6th Ave Dallas WI 54733 Barron
  • Barron County Sheriff's Office
  • Criminal


Source ID: 30726 - Fatal Encounters


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