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Total incidents 60,726
| Bakersfield, California

Name withheld by police, from Bakersfield, California, on 13 August 2021

Victim Info

  • Name withheld by police
  • Unknown
  • Male


Police responded to a call about a disturbance at an apartment complex where a man was screaming and potentially under the influence. Police eventually forced their way into an apartment, and shot and killed the man. There are no other details available at this time.

Additional Evidence

  • Name withheld by police
  • Unknown
  • Male
  • Unknown race
  • Bakersfield
  • CA
  • Kern
  • Bakersfield Police Department
  • CA0150200
  • Gunshot
  • Pending investigation
  • No known charges
  • Yes
  • Unclear
  • undetermined
  • not fleeing
  • yes
  • 7098
  • Other Non-Violent Offense
  • disturbance


Source ID: 9459 - Mapping Police Violence


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