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Total incidents 59,186
| Culebra, Puerto Rico

Police knock kayakers into water and confiscate boat



Mainchain details

The BEACON hash was timestamped at and successfully submitted to Mainchain. The BEACON Timestamp ID is 58745. Submitted in Mainchain Tx CF28360E31F3A3B957317056F735C94EF16833556F59FB2C0E298755FFFBF432, at block height 4804977

Transaction details

Tx CF28360E31F3A3B957317056F735C94EF16833556F59FB2C0E298755FFFBF432
Sent from: und1rnjcg437x0dude6zztkzmawadxp7ye5refwdtt
Public Key Type: tendermint/PubKeySecp256k1
Public Key: A675rrH9WWpxIibCwaEs18WyVdsrByOXRqVay8/b8hGh
Signature: Q8olG5bzyJKfEy6aXOS2Bqv2Cg4193k1kOJzQXOGHrcxaXA80uxFVzJu7Cp7fC5G8zNtJl68odlKE74rRb2j4w==
Raw Tx data:

Hash Comparison

Hash stored in database: 7c725c1d8afc379257174e88318fe967a4bbf4505d8607f87afc3c9d481823d0

Hash from Mainchain Tx: 7c725c1d8afc379257174e88318fe967a4bbf4505d8607f87afc3c9d481823d0

Dynamically generated hash: 7c725c1d8afc379257174e88318fe967a4bbf4505d8607f87afc3c9d481823d0

Hashes Match?

How is the comparison calculated?

The hash stored in the database is used as the identifier for this report, and can be seen in the URL. The hash from the Mainchain Tx is the hash sent to and stored on Mainchain. Finally, the "generated hash" is generated each time this page is loaded, using the same data used for the hash submitted to Mainchain.

Raw data used to generate the hash, using the Node.js crypto.createHash('sha256') algorithm: