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| Anadarko, Oklahoma

Roy Sink, 48, from Anadarko, Oklahoma - shot on 19 June 2022

Victim Info

  • Roy Sink
  • Unknown
  • 48
  • Male


Additional Evidence

  • Roy Sink
  • 2022-06-19
  • shot
  • unknown weapon
  • 48
  • M
  • Anadarko
  • OK
  • False
  • other
  • False
  • True


Source ID: 8151 - Washington Post


Mainchain details

The BEACON hash was timestamped at and successfully submitted to Mainchain. The BEACON Timestamp ID is 85702. Submitted in Mainchain Tx 8F36D02668B6DD32353E43F2EF3BDE879E602FF2856DD529E2326AE994D436EB, at block height 193368

Transaction details

Tx 8F36D02668B6DD32353E43F2EF3BDE879E602FF2856DD529E2326AE994D436EB
Sent from: und1hf4jjflctvxcfxh5mc47yqvugwcugm9xzevszk
Public Key Type: /cosmos.crypto.secp256k1.PubKey
Public Key: A675rrH9WWpxIibCwaEs18WyVdsrByOXRqVay8/b8hGh
Signature: ymzGOaLVgR8B7NWWxHlxHjCOFTolFrToLFdcAhBxWjUoVgg3CebpJ71lE7Ha/lyCkGS2qfypPYwCxAhpjOEniw==
Raw Tx data:

Hash Comparison

Hash stored in database: b38fd09664a8e33e20157c8c35f595dc9ef58c34499ebbe455df40730561eb82

Hash from Mainchain Tx: b38fd09664a8e33e20157c8c35f595dc9ef58c34499ebbe455df40730561eb82

Dynamically generated hash: b38fd09664a8e33e20157c8c35f595dc9ef58c34499ebbe455df40730561eb82

Hashes Match?

How is the comparison calculated?

The hash stored in the database is used as the identifier for this report, and can be seen in the URL. The hash from the Mainchain Tx is the hash sent to and stored on Mainchain. Finally, the "generated hash" is generated each time this page is loaded, using the same data used for the hash submitted to Mainchain.

Raw data used to generate the hash, using the Node.js crypto.createHash('sha256') algorithm: