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| St. Louis, Missouri

Derrick Eugene Jackson, 55, from St. Louis, Missouri, on 7 August 2021

Victim Info

  • Derrick Eugene Jackson
  • Unknown
  • 55
  • Male


Officers pulled behind a stolen Hyundai Sonata at about 3:35 p.m. Police said the driver sped off. Officers flipped on their lights and sirens and pursued the stolen car, but lost sight a few blocks later. Not long after, police said the Sonata blew through a stop sign and hit the right side of a Chevy Silverado as it went through the intersection, killing Derrick Jackson.

Additional Evidence

  • Derrick Eugene Jackson
  • 55
  • Male
  • Race unspecified
  • NA
  • NA
  • Evans Avenue and Vandeventer Avenue
  • St. Louis
  • MO
  • 63113
  • St. Louis City
  • Evans Avenue and Vandeventer Avenue St. Louis MO 63113 St. Louis City
  • St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department
  • Pending investigation


Source ID: 30732 - Fatal Encounters


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