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Total incidents 59,186
| Thornton, California

Name withheld by police, from Thornton, California, on 23 March 2021

Victim Info

  • Name withheld by police
  • Unknown
  • Male


Around 2:30 a.m., a patrol car was on the shoulder with its emergency lights on, dealing with a big rig that had broken down. A driver then slammed into the back of the patrol car. The impact sent the patrol car -- which had two officers inside -- into a ditch while the other vehicle went out of control and crashed into a tree, bursting into flames. Oscar Frayer, 23, Andrea Moore, 28, and another person were killed.

Additional Evidence

  • Name withheld by police
  • Male
  • Race unspecified
  • NA
  • NA
  • I-5 and Walnut Grove Road
  • Thornton
  • CA
  • 95686
  • San Joaquin
  • I-5 and Walnut Grove Road Thornton CA 95686 San Joaquin
  • California Highway Patrol
  • Pending investigation


Source ID: 29876 - Fatal Encounters


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