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Public Accountability Chain (PAC) at serves its constituents by

  1. Searching publicly available databases & info sources of police misconduct
  2. Standardising the data into the same format (so it can be indexed and searched)
  3. backs up the full database to IPFS which is a distributed, decentralised storage network - so it is not in a single source of failure (to keep a non-destructible, reconcilable record of the data)
  4. Provides a sortable, sharable front-end to share this information easily & publicly
  5. Submits a BEACON timestamp hash to the Unification Mainchain for each new entry added & stamps the intermittent feed regularly to the Unification mainnet (to keep immutable verifiable hash link of the data)
  6. Provides a public data access API to query the data and puts up a frontend for a non-technical user to be able to search and access the data (to allow full sovereignty of the data)

The next steps for the PAC foundation are to

  1. Allows citizens to submit new stories and new sources into PAC. New additions will be cross-verified in a staging server before being added to PAC. This will make new source additions such as the government proposed database
  2. add new sources and APIs

We encourage those interested to review, and contribute to the project technically

Current Data Sources