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| Cullman, Alabama

Nathan Larry Parsons, 49, from Cullman, Alabama, on 6 August 2021

Victim Info

  • Nathan Larry Parsons
  • White/European American
  • 49
  • Male


Police shot and killed Nathan Parsons and withheld most information regarding the killing.

Additional Evidence

  • Nathan Larry Parsons
  • 49
  • Male
  • European-American/White
  • European-American/White
  • Not imputed
  • 330 Super Saver Rd
  • Cullman
  • AL
  • 35055
  • Cullman
  • 330 Super Saver Rd Cullman AL 35055 Cullman
  • Alabama Law Enforcement Agency
  • Pending investigation


Source ID: 30728 - Fatal Encounters

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