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| Monahans, Texas

, from Monahans, Texas - shot on 13 March 2021


Additional Evidence

  • 2021-03-13
  • shot
  • undetermined
  • M
  • Monahans
  • TX
  • False
  • undetermined
  • False


Source ID: 6700 - Washington Post


Mainchain details

The BEACON hash was timestamped at and successfully submitted to Mainchain. The BEACON Timestamp ID is 58667. Submitted in Mainchain Tx 4EC20655467B5EA86CD3BC07752B24DD7156424B650AC885ADE154D075510779, at block height 4614119

Transaction details

Tx 4EC20655467B5EA86CD3BC07752B24DD7156424B650AC885ADE154D075510779
Sent from: und1hf4jjflctvxcfxh5mc47yqvugwcugm9xzevszk
Public Key Type: tendermint/PubKeySecp256k1
Public Key: A675rrH9WWpxIibCwaEs18WyVdsrByOXRqVay8/b8hGh
Signature: qdzGuWYeYQEGH5FTWZF5IR681YQJCDgBV1IfBOo44KlPIxaZIuxfnc9Mwl1jGqQT2YTZb1zJYbnCV7+vPCi76w==
Raw Tx data:

Hash Comparison

Hash stored in database: 9b97c7408274c35526ee27e0e7351ba002e553f869113d178f5eef54ea8da898

Hash from Mainchain Tx: 9b97c7408274c35526ee27e0e7351ba002e553f869113d178f5eef54ea8da898

Dynamically generated hash: 9b97c7408274c35526ee27e0e7351ba002e553f869113d178f5eef54ea8da898

Hashes Match?

How is the comparison calculated?

The hash stored in the database is used as the identifier for this report, and can be seen in the URL. The hash from the Mainchain Tx is the hash sent to and stored on Mainchain. Finally, the "generated hash" is generated each time this page is loaded, using the same data used for the hash submitted to Mainchain.

Raw data used to generate the hash, using the Node.js crypto.createHash('sha256') algorithm: