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| Sylvania Township, Ohio

Eduardo Parra, 24, from Sylvania Township, Ohio, on 21 March 2021

Victim Info

  • Eduardo Parra
  • Hispanic/Latino
  • 24
  • Male


An officer responded to a call for a home burglary around 5 a.m. Police found a person near the home, and he reportedly did not follow the officer's directions. He ran away and allegedly reached into his waistband, turned toward police, and raised his arm. Police said the person yelled that he had a gun. An officer shot and killed him. The man was unarmed.

Additional Evidence

  • Eduardo Parra
  • 24
  • Male
  • Hispanic/Latino
  • Hispanic/Latino
  • Not imputed
  • Whiteford Road and Rudgate Blvd
  • Sylvania Township
  • OH
  • 43623
  • Lucas
  • Whiteford Road and Rudgate Blvd Sylvania Township OH 43623 Lucas
  • Sylvania Township Police Department
  • Pending investigation


Source ID: 29863 - Fatal Encounters

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