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| Denver, Colorado

Shannon Wright, 29, from Denver, Colorado, on 30 May 2021

Victim Info

  • Shannon Wright
  • Unknown
  • 29
  • Male


Wright allegedly entered a liquor store with a rifle slung over his arm and left without paying. Police responded and found Wright walking down the street, and commanded him to stop and put his hands in the air. Wright continued to walk and police stopped him again. Police claim Wright pointed the rifle towards police, and officers shot and killed Wright.

Additional Evidence

  • Shannon Wright
  • 29
  • Male
  • Unknown Race
  • Alameda Avenue
  • Denver
  • CO
  • Denver
  • Denver Police Department
  • CODPD0000
  • Gunshot
  • Pending investigation
  • No known charges
  • No
  • Allegedly Armed
  • gun
  • attack
  • not fleeing
  • no
  • 6901
  • Person with a Weapon/Other Non-Violent Offense
  • person with a gun/theft


Source ID: 9236 - Mapping Police Violence

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